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Wood Decks

Cedar is are #1 choice for decking, it looks and smells great. But here are some other great reasons why cedar is the best choice for decks in BC. It doesn't warp when exposed to moisture, its naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, it requires less maintenance than other types of wood like pine, spruce or PT lumber, it's resistant to temperature stress which makes it good for areas where splitting is common.

Pressure Treated lumber has been put in a pressure tank with a variety of chemicals (mostly copper) to make it resistant to rot and insects. While PT doesn't look or smell as amazing as cedar, it's still a great choice to save money.  The major draw back to PT is its very prone to warping and splitting especially in sunny parts of the yard. 

For these reasons cedar top deck boards and PT joists are a good combination to save money without sacrificing looks.